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How to Download Movies On 36vibes

On this page we are going to show you how to easily download on 36vibes with our new download server 36vibesfiles.com

Note: Ads is available on 36vibes.com.ng we have popup, redirecting, banner and so on. you need to control then to access download link the ads may be redirecting you up and down in annoying way so follow the instruction in video tutorial down below.

Any movie you try this guidline with and still you are not be able to download drop a comment on that particular movie page admin would check what wrong.


How to Download 

Because some are facing challenges to download on our website. Please if you don’t know how to download strictly follow these instructions, don’t skip anyone.

Step One: Click or Copy the link for the movie you want to download and paste in your browser. (Most browsers work but we recommend Safari for latest iPhones, Chrome for Andriod and a downloader app like i.Files for old iPhones)

Step Two: When the page opens you will be welcome with some annoying ads (we don’t have a choice without the ads we cannot run the site). Close any popup ads or redirecting tab

Step Three: Scroll down the page for the movie or episode you want to download and click “Download Movie” or “Download Episode number”

Step Four: Once you click a new tab will appear that will take you away from 36vibes to another strange site telling you to get a VPN or it might take you to a betting site. Don’t panic this is another ads (Again, we know its annoying but we don’t have a choice) just close the new tab that was open and return to 36vibes and click the button again. Depending on your speed you might have to do this again. For Android users when the new tab opens all you have to do it press your back button once and it will close the new tab immediately and you will still be on 36vibes.

Step Five: Once you have closed the ads successfully click “Download Movie” or “Download Episode” again and depending on the movie you are downloading it will now take you to xtarshare.com.

Step Six: When in xtarshare.com click ” Download” and your download will start. (You might have to still close some annoying ads).

If you learn better with videos then watch the video below to better understand the process.



  1. Why can’t I download Smallville series I tried to download it but given me headache you knowI told the website for good but now the wrong thing I’m seeing him so is very bad please make your website no better please because it has the best best quality you know please make the website and normal website because I love the website for downloading series

    • those complain about small phone, first thing does your small phone support Mp4 player format if yes, install opera mini or Uc web brower to download that all

  2. pls i can’t download this moves,pls u people should help me this$ i need the selina tested very well pls help me to work this for me i need to download it.

  3. I wanted to download selina tested i was unable to download and am using botton phone and the told me error feching fiel,please help

  4. I want to download slave hunter but whatever I do it couldn’t downloaded

    I follow All the instructions that you gave but it didn’t work

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