Monkey King Reborn (2021) Chinese Movie Download Mp4

Monkey King Reborn (2021) [Chinese]

Monkey King Reborn 2021 Full Movie Download Mp4 Chinese Movie Free Download and English subtitle

Synopsis: At the beginning of chaos, the first demon in the world was born, named Yuandi, and was worshipped as the ancestor of demons. Thousands of years later, the former demon king Sun Wukong is rescued from the Five Elements Mountain by Monk Tang, who promises to protect him and go to the West to get the scriptures.

Genre: Action, Animation, Fantasy

Release date: 2021-04-02


Star Cast: Bian Jiang, Cai Haiting, Feng Sheng, Liu Sicen, Qiang Lin, Song Ming, Su Shangqing, Wang Chenguang, Zhang He, Zhang Lei

Duration: 1hr 35min

Language: Chinese

Subtitle Language: English

Director by: Wang Yunfei




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