we create this page for the purpose of making request for Movie that could not be found on site.

Use the below comment section to comment with the name of Movie you want us to upload here.

Note: Firstly before you make request use search button on the website to search for correct Movie title before you make request here because it may be exist before.



  1. Pls sir upload plenty of Korean drama movie so as to be able to download it
    Pls upload as much as possible
    Plenty of them.. thanks sir

  2. Can you please upload all the seasons of MasterChef Australia please my mother wants to watch it but not a single Site as it so can you please upload MasterChef Australia and I will download every single episode, thanks!!

  3. Can you upload other cartoon series like buzz Lightyear of Star command..wild West cow boys.. Pokemon.. and whole lot more..I’ve requested other people to download from this site so thanx

  4. Hello!!how about adding more reality tv shows also like ,my kitchen rules Australia,my kitchen rules south Africa, American Ninja, street outlaws, man-tracker,the curse of oak Island,alone,and more thanx!!

  5. Hello, can you please upload the Turkish the 5 seasons of the series named Dirilis Ertugrul Ghazi? I would really appreciate it. Thanks for a great job.

  6. Good day actually to be candid you are doing well but I do download other movies easily but jenifa’s diary is a problem to download from season 21 below pls I need them

  7. Pls upload flash season 1-6
    And mako mermaids 2-5
    As well as legend of the ancient swords…
    And power rangers……

  8. Thanks for movies , I love to watch more Korean movies than before.
    I love this site because it is best .
    Upload some more Romantic kdramas and Movies because I love to watch them more and more.

  9. We thank you for your great job and pls am only need this with is named Film the protector turkish series. Have great successfull work

  10. We are glad for your work pls am only need this series which is the named warrior nun and the protector .and thank alot for your work

  11. Good day
    Please can you upload the Bojack Horseman series? I’ve been searching for websites to download it in low size but i still haven’t found any. it’s a pretty popular Netflix show. I’d really appreciate it.

  12. I would like the complete series of law and order law and order special victim’s unit and law and order organized crime thank you

  13. Please admin can’t you be upload the dream’s or movie’s separately from the English subtitles specially the Koreans series and Thailand differently from the videos I don’t mind downloading them separately I don’t like it be joined together please

  14. Upload Twilight saga, hunger games series, divergent trilogy, transformer series and pirates of the carribean series. Thank you

  15. Sir pls upload
    The order of things
    The wild flower
    Kambili the whole 30yards
    All of the above are nollywod movies


  17. Good day, admin. Please, kindly upload Iron Empress. It is an old korean movie, I’d be really grateful if you can do that. Thanks.

  18. Good day, admin. Can you kindly upload a Korean movie titled Iron Empress please. I’d be very glad if you can. Thanks for the hardwork. We are grateful sir

  19. Please, I suggest you people should upload Indian movies dubbed in English. it’s more appreciable. Thanks

  20. Please kindly upload Pavitra Rishta dubbed in English. It’s a series movie from season 1 — 4. It’s an Indian series movie. Thanks and may God bless you.

  21. First of all, bravo to the good job you’re doing here. Would love you to upload Tyler perry’s The haves and the have nots. Season 1 to 8. Thanks in advance

  22. Please can you upload “fire and water”, it’s a Turkish movie thanks.its not here. You can also check for “after ever happy” it’s also not on the site.thanks

  23. Pls can you upload all the barbie cartoon episodes there is…. My little sis wants to watch it but I can’t find it on any site.
    I promise to download every one of ut

  24. Hello admin, is it possible for you to upload the sinner season 1-4, it’s a netflix series. I’m struggle to find it in another site. Thank you

  25. Admin please upload more American series, it’s difficult to find better website to download from.

    Upload, prison break, suits, power season 1-6, vikings, the blacklist and better call Saul, they’re all American series. I’m sure many people are also looking for those films on this site. Start with better call Saul and power first.

  26. Thanks for uploading Better Call Saul admin, you’re really the best!

    Please, I want to request for Castle and Castle Nollywood TV Series, I don’t know if you can upload it because it’s a Netflix TV Series.

  27. Admin please upload the rest of Smallville and Vampire diaries, please!!! There’s no new film to watch this weekend cos I’m done with 24. Please upload those two movies this weekend.

  28. I’m tired of requesting movie on this website, before if I do request, you’d make sure you upload the movies on weekend but now you no dey upload anything again. I’ve requested for the rest of Smallville, Suit (American series), Vikings and Prison Break but non has been uploaded yet, I’m tired already because my weekend is so boring now. Admin please attend to my request, I know it’s not easy but please do, thanks. You still remain the best site ever.

  29. Admin, please I beg you in the name of Almighty, please Upload Wynonna Earp season 1 to 4, please.
    I can’t download it anywhere else.

  30. You have been doing a great work boss. I don’t know if you can upload a movie titled Taichi zero and Taichi Zero. And Airborne blade Thanks in advance

  31. Admin, God bless you for uploading Wynonna Earp! You’re really the best and you always listen to our requests! Thank you so much.

  32. Admin pls upload destiny of the dragon,league of avengers, ancient love poetry,cupid’s kitchen and some other interesting chinese movie pls………pls upload Thailand bl series also e.g love in the air pls thanks. Admin pls reply to this comment for me to know u see my request bcos there was no response d other time. Pls

  33. Admin pls upload the legend of the white snake,league of avengers, ancient love poetry,cupid’s kitchen and some other interesting chinese drama pls………pls upload Thailand bl series also e.g love in the air pls thanks. Admin pls reply to this comment for me to know u see my request bcos there was no response d other time. Pls.
    Thank u we appreciate ur hard work

  34. Thanks for uploading Prison Break and Vikings admin. I really appreciate your efforts!
    Now, I’m requesting for the rest season of Smallville to be uploaded, please it’s been long since I don dey request am, upload it this weekend and please upload Power Season 1 to 6 too.

  35. I can’t believe as big as this website is, you don’t have Arrow.. I’m so disappointed in you guys.

    Please upload Arrow Tv series, admin.

  36. Thank you so much for you effort.
    I wanted to request if you could please upload WIVES ON STRIkE the new SERIES full episodes.

    Thanks again.

  37. Please can u upload more Chinese series like the guardian of the oath, sword snow stride, legend of shen li,legend of an le,and more

  38. Please sir can you upload the movie passport starring mercy Johnson and Jim iyke, and also battle on buka street and finally sir, I’ve been checking constantly for the link to download brotherhood to be opened??

  39. hi Admin do you have first slam dunk movie with eng sub? Also Do you have this chinese movie call The king of musang king ?

  40. Good morning, pls I’m requesting for this Bollywood movies. Ponniyin selvan 1 & 2, pls with their subtitles. Thank you…

  41. please upload these movies
    1. Line walker
    2. the invisible dragon
    3.seoul raiders
    4. mega shark vs crocosaraus
    5. extraordinary mission
    6. undercover punch and gun

  42. Please can you make any of these bollywood films available, Sultan by Salman Khan,Krishan(1&2)and Guzaarish by Hrithik Roshan, ofin iluwa by Ibrahim chatta

  43. Please Adim upload the Chinese drama « Road Home » « Love the way you are » « She and her perfect husband «  and « The rational Life »

  44. Might be an odd one but I can’t seem to find it to watch anywhere and I’ve always been curious. Blade: House of Chthon (the tv movie that launched the Blade show)

  45. The two Bollywood Stephen King adaptations, No Smoking (movie adaptation of Quitters, Inc.) and Woh (series adaptation of It) please!

  46. Tenet download not working. A simple favor, hard rain, broken arrow, Batman and robin, Batman returns, I still see you, I know who killed me, 10 things I hate about you, get rich or die tryin, how to lose a guy in 10 days, nick and Norah’s infinite playlist.

  47. 100% the coolest dopiest movie website that gives you old and new upcoming movies! there’s rarely a day 36vibes doesn’t upload movies because they always do..! 36vibes gives you a chance to enter into a movie library like, world.! & wanna know what’s fun? yes! it gives you a chance to instantly stream, download and most certainly watch movies for free like no other. 36vibes will definitely build over time to be the best and more.

  48. will you please upload the movie called “go west” the people who made it are the same people who made studio c. and later jk studios

  49. inoticed that you put on the movie “go west” 1925 witch i am exceedingly grateful for but the movie i needed came out this year

  50. Please help I’m looking to download series named DC’S LEGEND OF TOMORROW SEASON 1 to 5 please because here when I search only season 6 and 7 a downloadeble other seasons don’t show please help

  51. Please post
    Hackers (Angelina Jolie Johnny Lee Miller)
    Bad Boys 1 and 2
    Die Hard 1 and 2 and 3
    Pump up the vulume (Christian slater)
    Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood)
    Mohabiteen hindi
    Dil to pagal hai hindi
    Stichers tvseries
    Le femme nikita tvseries
    Leverage original tvseries

  52. Pump up the volume (Christian slater)
    Die Hard 1 and 2 and 3
    Unforgiven (Clint Eastwood)
    Dik to pagal hai (sharukh khan madhuri dixit)
    Mohabiteen (sharukh Kahn)
    Stichers TVSeries
    Leverage Hollywood version (TVSeries)
    Le femme nikita TVSeries

    Thanks for the uploads you rock

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