[Series] The Flash Season 8 Episode 4 Download Mp4

The Flash Season 8 Episode 4

The Flash Season 8 Episode 4 Free Download MP4 HD TV series

Barry finds that the timeline changed and he is now the Reverse-Flash. Thawne reveals that he killed Joe and framed Barry for the attacks in Central City, then travelled back in time to kill Barry as a child and later became The Flash.

At midnight, the timeline will solidify and Barry will disappear.


He partners with Damien Darhk and plots revenge against Thawne, but Darhk ultimately learns Barry’s true nature and helps Barry restore the original timeline upon learning that his daughter Nora Darhk is alive in it.

Meanwhile, Iris is visited by Wilder while she struggles to write her vows to Thawne. Alex helps Chester and Allegra admit their love for one another, and also convinces Choi to love again.

The speed required for Barry to return to 2021 will cause Armageddon through extinction-level natural disasters, but he decides to follow through.

Barry visits Iris to say goodbye and is intercepted by Thawne, but Iris lets Barry escape.

Thawne chases him while Darhk holds off Frost, Chillblaine, Ryan Choi (as The Atom), and Sentinel. As Barry returns to 2021, Thawne’s changes are undone and Barry tells Despero to check 2031 for himself. Thawne arrives in the 2021 Time Vault as the Reverse-Flash and activates Gideon.

Season Number: 8

Episode Number: 4

Episode Title: Armageddon, Part 4

Air Date: Dec 7, 2021

Language: English



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